Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review: "Awake: A Fairy Tale," by Jessica Grey

Reading "Awake: A Fairytale," by Jessica Grey is as much fun as playing pretend with friends was, back when I was a little girl. This book is wonderful! I read it months ago, and I still can see vivid pictures in my mind of all the beautiful magical things Jessica describes as they happen. There are jeweled crowns, magical flowery gardens, and even fairy tale castles. But it all happens within a modern day story line about Alexandra Martin's summer internship at a gem and mineral museum -- and two handsome men!

This is a very original and unique story. The closest I can get to describing it with movies is "Night at the Museum" meets "Enchanted." You have modern day characters interacting with fantasy characters -- and being effected by the magic in the fantasy characters' fairy tales.

Lex, Becca, Luke, and all the characters in this book seem like real people to me. I loved being along on their adventure with them. They kept me grounded enough in reality so that as this story gradually waded deeper and deeper into fantasy, I went right in and enjoyed every minute of it. The romance is a big part of the story, and it pans out in an unexpected and delightful way. I don't want to spoil the romance, so that is all I want to say about it, but you will not be disappointed if romance is what you seek!

I don't want to say much at all about the plot, because it is so full of delightful surprises! Let me just assure you this is a well-plotted story with many whimsical twists and turns -- and delightful, lovable characters! There are villains, too, and they are the type you love to hate. There is suspense, action, adventure, and even comedy. This book is the good stuff.

The story sample you can read at Amazon hints at it, but doesn't go into the paranormal romance element of the story yet. It is there in heaps, believe me!

If you loved fairy tales when you were a kid -- like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and especially Sleeping Beauty -- and now you are older and ready for a more complex novel with modern day characters and settings, you will love this novel. It says it is part of a trilogy, but it is a complete story on its own. There are no annoying cliff hangers. The other two novels in the series are not out yet.


  1. Thank you so much for the great review, Cherise!

  2. You're welcome, Jessica, and thanks for stopping by! :)